FAQ »In C«

FAQ »In C«


»In C«

Sasha Waltz & Guests

1. What exactly is »In C«?

»In C« is a dance piece by the contemporary Berlin dance company Sasha Waltz & Guests from 2021. The choreography was developed by the German choreographer Sasha Waltz and is based on the 1964 piece of the same name (Minimal Music) by the American composer Terry Riley. The music consists of 53 musical figures that are played according to predefined rules by an indefinite number of musicians. Similarly, Sasha Waltz has developed 53 choreographic figures as well as detailed rules for how these figures can be danced together in space. Here too, the number of dancers is undetermined.

It is a so-called “structured improvisation”. Central to »In C« is the group experience: people dancing together in the room and experiencing themselves as individuals in the group. »In C« is therefore also lived democratic practice.

The choreographic material was captured in video tutorials that can be accessed and learned digitally.

2. What versions of »In C« exist?

There are now two different versions of »In C«, which have been recorded as video tutorials: the original version for professional dancers from 2021 and an adapted version for amateurs, children and young people entitled »In C – digital score for amateurs«.

If you are a professional dancer and want to learn the choreographic material, you can find all information about upcoming workshops and registration here – please inform yourself.

If you are interested in the amateur version of »In c« you can find initial information below:

3. What does the choreographic material look like and how can I learn it?

The choreographic figures are recorded in various video tutorials, some figures have several different versions, and there are also exercise videos for all figures. A short clip explains the playful concept of »In C« in more detail. The video tutorials are located on this website behind a login barrier.

4. How can I get access to the choreographic material of »In C – digital score for amateurs« by Sasha Waltz?

You can access this by sending us a message by email or using the contact form on the website, including a detailed description of what kind of project you could imagine using the material, and a short CV. After reviewing your project, we will contact you with further details.

There are different ways to develop projects with the choreographic material. Please note that »In C« is copyrighted material (choreography and composition, but also costume, stage and lighting concept). If your project idea also involves a public presentation of the material, license fees would be due and costs would arise for the music rights.

5. Is access to the material limited in time?

Yes, access is usually limited in time, but how long depends on what you plan to do with »In C«.