Exhibition catalogue »Sasha Waltz. Installations. Objects. Performances.«

The comprehensive pulication »Sasha Waltz. Installations, Objects, Performances« accompanies the eponymous exhibition at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, which took place from September 28, 2013 until February 2, 2014. Huge installations formed its center, which was supplemented by many smaller installations and objects, documents and archival materials that have never been shown before, and an extensive program of performances.

The publication presents choreographer Sasha Waltz once more as a pioneer of the so-called »turn to the installation«, a concept that amalgamates time based arts (dance, music, and performance) and space-based arts (sculpture, installations, and objects). In the exhibition space, the visitor himself moved »on stage«, they were part of the events taking place and determined their relation to an event or object. The formats between performance and exhibition are in transition. The publication shows numerous photographs of the manifold works and the accompanying performances at the ZKM | Karlsruhe. Selected essays describe on the one hand Sasha Waltz' methods and strategies as well as her artistic background, on the other hand they illuminate the transformations, installations and performances passed in the exhibition space.

ZKM | Zentrum for Art and Mediatechnology in Karlsruhe, 28. September 2013 - 2. Februar 2014

ISBN 978-3-7757-3800-2

Publisher: Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern, 2014
Text: German English
368 Pages, 240 Pictures, 25 x 27,70 cm

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Book »Sasha Waltz«

Sasha Waltz is one of the most important German choreographers. In extensive interviews, dance critic Michaela Schlagenwerth has explored the artistic work of the choreographer and her company Sasha Waltz & Guests since 1993. The interviews give a personal insight into the Sasha Waltz family business, the work processes, the approaches and fantasies of the choreographer. The story of an artistic maturation process is also told.

Conversations from 2011 supplement the portrait of her opera work, museum projects and the planned Berlin Freedom and Unity Monument.

160 pages, 18,8 x 13,4 x 1,2 cm

Publisher: Alexander Verlag

ISBN 3895812536

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Photobook »Dialoge 09 – MAXXI«

Following just months after the temporary exhibition »Dialoge 09 – Neues Museum« in Berlin, the choreographer Sasha Waltz has been asked once more to inaugurate an exceptional piece of architecture. Conceived by renowned architect Zaha Hadid and ten years in the construction, »MAXXI – National Museum of the XXI Century Arts« was unveiled in Rome in November 2009. Sasha Waltz, who in the course of her residency at the Villa Massimo Rome had the opportunity to witness the structure being built, devised an installation for the museum’s unfilled spaces and thereby further developed her concept of the »moving exhibition« on the various levels of a building. Sound artist Hans Peter Kuhn, costume designer Bernd Skodzig, musicians from Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, and dancers from Sasha Waltz & Guests participated in mid-November 2009 in the artistic dedication of the new Roman museum »Dialoge 09 – MAXXI«. The catalogue shows the dedication on 26 pages with stunning pictures.

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Photobook »Gezeiten«

Sasha Waltz' choreography »Gezeiten« deals with the consequences of a catastrophe. A metaphorical space is becoming the place of refuge for a group of people who are confronted with existential questions and fears.

The volume »Gezeiten« contains a collection of associative texts and photographs about the piece which very successfully premiered on 19 November 2005 at the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz in Berlin.

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Photobook »Cluster«

This elaborate and lavish photo book is the first documentation of Sasha Waltz' whole œuvre up to and including 2007: Plenty of high quality photographs show her productions out of 15 years and provide an insight into the working process backstage. Three essays by Carolin Emcke, Judith Butler and Dorita Hannah (in German, English and French) examine Sasha Waltz' work and complete the book.

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DVD »Sasha Waltz. A Portrait« by Brigitte Kramer

D 2014
72 Min Portrait + Extra: 59 Min. Garden of Earthly Delights - The choreographer Sasha Waltz + 22 Min. Rehearsal to »Dialoge 06 - Radiale Systeme«

Sasha Waltz is one of Europe’s best-known and most exciting choreographers. Her choreographies are outstanding as she always surprises with new formations, deep subjects and stunning aesthetic style. She does not only work with dancers: the dialogue with all other art forms is her special interest. Live music has become an important element in her work. With her production of »Dido & Aeneas« in 2005 she developed a new genre: the choreographic opera. Her spectrum is broad: Purcell, Berlioz and Stravinsky, contemporary classical music and opera have become her favourite working fields. She worked twice with French contemporary composer Pascal Dusapin in »Medea« and »Passion«, and with Japanese composer Toshio Hosokawa for »Matsukaze«. All these deep and beautifully choreographed pieces are featured in this film as Sasha Waltz gives us insight to her work. The filmic portrait by Brigitte Kramer depicts the most important milestones of Sasha Waltz’ international career from 2005 until 2014.

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DVD »Dido & Aeneas«

D 2005 98 Min.  

Henry Purcell's opera »Dido & Aeneas«, completed in 1689, was the subject of a memorable and breathtaking performance at the Staatsoper Berlin in 2005. In »Dido & Aeneas« Sasha Waltz opens up new horizons in music theatre, creating a fusion of dance, singing and music: the choreographic opera. The (extended, revised) libretto, the (reconstructed) music, vocal parts, dance, the stage set featuring a rousing underwater ballet combine to form a sublime total choreography and parallel action involving dancers, singers and musicians. In this choreographic opera, Sasha Waltz demonstrates not only her familiarity with Emile Jaques-Dalcroze and Pina Bausch, but also the confidence she has in her own style.

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DVD »Dialoge 09 – Neues Museum«

March 2009, in company with 70 dancers, musicians and singers, Sasha Waltz explored the empty rooms of the Neues Museum on the Museum island Berlin. Following almost ten years of reconstruction under the supervision of David Chipperfield Architects the building stood at an one-off point in its metamorphosis. Subsequent to the completion of the renovation and ahead of the Berlin State Museums being installed in the restored rooms, the location became the site for an unusual temporary »exhibition« which electrified more than 10.000 visitors.

In 52 minutes, the film »Dialoge 09 – Neues Museum« wanders through the rooms of the museum once again in the footsteps of the musical-choreographic installation by Sasha Waltz.

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DVD »Allee der Kosmonauten«

DV Cam, colour, 58 min.

»Allee der Kosmonauten« is the story of a sort of universal family, as portrayed in dance by Sasha Waltz & Guests. Entertaining and visually stimulating, this debut film from Berlin choreographer Sasha Waltz conjures up a surreal dream dance of family life, at the same time grotesque, kinetic and amusing.

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DVD-Box: Trilogie »Körper / S / noBody«

D 2011

210 Min. + 58 Min. (Extras)  

In 1999, Sasha Waltz started working on her three-piece choreographic cycle about the human body, which is based on her 1999 project »Dialoge 99/II« in the still empty Jewish Museum Berlin by Daniel Libeskind.

In »Körper«, following up this extraordinary research, she investigates the anatomy and the physical appearance of the human being, relating her dancer's bodies to architecture, science, and history. »S« searches for the origin of life, of Eros, and of sensibility. »noBody« asks about the metaphysical existence of humanity.

This anniversary edition contains the films »Körper« and »noBody« produced by Nachtaktivfilm for ZDF / ARTE as well as a filmic version of »S«, the previously unreleased central part of the trilogy. Material was created from archive images and recordings for a television report, which reproduces the unabridged original version of the choreography from the year 2000.

Published by Arthaus Music Verlag.

​The box contains 3 DVDs with booklet and bonusmaterial

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Photo prints

Print »Kreatur« 2017 DIN A1 signed by Sasha Waltz

Din A1
upright format
high-quality laser printing / image printing
4 color print
Photo © Sasha Waltz

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Print »Kreatur« 2017 DIN A1 signed by Sasha Waltz

Din A2
upright format
high-quality laser printing / image printing
4 color print
Photo © Sasha Waltz

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